• What is Math.floor in JavaScript: Understanding and Usage

    JavaScript is a versatile programming language used extensively in front-end development. Among its many built-in functions, Math.floor in JavaScript stands out as a valuable tool for handling numbers. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of Math.floor, exploring its purpose, syntax, and practical use cases. By understanding Math.floor, front-end developers can efficiently manipulate numbers […]

  • Bending Express to Support Synthetic Views

    Express[1] is a wonderful piece of software, not because of the quality of the code and documentation–which are very good–but because of its simplicity. That simplicity, however, comes with a cost that forces users to follow certain guidelines; this is the case of views in Express, where a view has to be bound to a filesystem […]

  • What is Mojito?

    What is Mojito? Well, mojito is a traditional cuban drink, and since I’m originally from Cuba, I should know everything about it, and I do!, but today I want to talk about the other Mojito, the one from Yahoo!, the application framework, because today it was officially announced as the newest open source project. My […]