Author: Caridy

  • Bending Express to Support Synthetic Views

    Express[1] is a wonderful piece of software, not because of the quality of the code and documentation–which are very good–but because of its simplicity. That simplicity, however, comes with a cost that forces users to follow certain guidelines; this is the case of views in Express, where a view has to be bound to a filesystem […]

  • What is Mojito?

    What is Mojito? Well, mojito is a traditional cuban drink, and since I’m originally from Cuba, I should know everything about it, and I do!, but today I want to talk about the other Mojito, the one from Yahoo!, the application framework, because today it was officially announced as the newest open source project. My […]

  • YUI3: Controlling key strokes events (keyup, keydown, keypress)

    In this post I want to cover the general specifications related with keystrokes in YUI3. Basically you will see few examples and a bunch of links to the YUI Library official documentation. There are two different ways to define a keylistener in YUI3: Considering that in YUI3 most of the DOM references are YUI Node […]

  • Bootstrap using “YUI Loader” and “YUI Get Utility”

    Everyday more and more developers use on-demand loading to improve performance and round “trip” times for web applications and even for traditional web pages that require a certain amount of JavaScript code. In YUI 2.x, we have two components that can help us to define on-demand rules. These are the YUI Get Utility, and the […]

  • Getting up to speed with YUI 3

    Few folks has asked me about YUI 3.0 and how they can get up to speed with this new version of Yahoo! User Interface Library. Well, here is a quick guide to get up to speed in 3 days. Yes you heard me right, only 3 days, assuming you already know JavaScript and YUI 2. […]